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23 Oct 2016
In our most recent issue,  vol 21/1, we inadvertently credited the wrong Pamela for the review of Vivienne Spiteri's CD "Isadora Sings". We are very sorry for this error, and
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New Bank Details

 If you have a UK account, you can pay by standing order.  Please arrange the standing order with your bank, and choose either 1 October for Autumn or 1 March for spring for the recurring payment date. Please note we have a new account with the Co-operative Bank. Whilst items currently sent to HSBC can be forwarded for a short time, it will save confusion if all are swapped over to the Co-operative, as that will be our sole bank going forward.  We will contact anyone who has a current standing order.

Banking details
Co-operative Bank
Account name: Early Music Media Ltd
Sort code: 089299
Account Number: 69703089

Most UK account holders will have a UK shipping address. If you have a different shipping address please check you have the correct amount (do contact us if in doubt).

Agents who wish to make a trasnfer can also use these details. If you require SWIFT/ IBAN numbers please contact us.